Evita and Christopher

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How We Met

In the hustle bustle that is life, Chris and Evita first met in a pub right in DC. Evita was running late as usual and the thought crossed her mind to cancel. A good friend of Evita’s convinced her to keep the date. She did keep the date but only because she had a good feeling that this could be the start of something new. Boy was she right! As the night progressed, Evita realized she was talking way too much and Chris being a great listener knew he’d found someone cute and quirky. Evita and Chris have been joined at the hip ever since that first date and have never stopped talking or listening to each other! We had our very meet and greet turn into a meet cute.

how they asked

Chris being the planner that he is asked Evita’s parents for permission back in December of 2016! He then spent four months planning the perfect surprise proposal. Evita thought he was going to ask on their vacation. Chris, wanting the element of surprise, asked the week before they left in the beautiful DC gardens of Dumbarton Oaks. He even had her family fly out to be a part of the surprise as well.He got down on one knee in the most beautiful setting to ask Evita if they could spend the rest of their lives together! They got to celebrate with family, and 1 week later went to Italy to celebrate even more!

Sadly, Evita’s grandfather passed away the week before the proposal. The family debated whether or not Chris should delay his surprise and decided the best way to honor her grandfather and his adventurous spirit was to continue on with life and celebrate happy milestones.

Evita’s Mom couldn’t be there for the proposal but they were able to FaceTime her in and she came to DC two days later where they were able to be together and celebrate.

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Special Thanks

Ashley Michelle Hoffman
 | Photographer
Blue Nile
 | Ring