Evie and Damian

Image 1 of Evie and Damian

How We Met

We met in 2011 on a leadership trip to the South Pacific. Due to the economy, different states had to combine to meet the amount needed for the trip. His state, mine, and 2 other states had met in Fiji to start the trip. Even though at first I thought I would never talk to him, that quickly changed. After the trip, I assumed we would never see each other again, but a couple days later he messaged me on Facebook. A year later we started dating long distance. Since then it’s been 6 years, several plane tickets, and many adventures!

how they asked

In 2015, I went to visit him at Creighton for his birthday. During that trip, he said he wanted to walk around campus to see some of his favorite spots. When we started to walk to the gazebo that had twinkle lights on it, I started to panic because I knew we were not ready to be engaged. Shortly after, he told me he wasn’t proposing and we laughed it off.

Image 2 of Evie and Damian

Three years later, he told me after his graduation he wanted to walk around campus, take photos with everyone, and enjoy it one last time. The last spot was the gazebo. As we approached it, I was sad cause I saw pictures hanging and thought, “oh someone is getting engaged today…” and then I saw my state with our pictures on it and I asked him what was going on. Shortly after, we got up to the gazebo and he asked me to be his wife! I was in complete shock so I asked him to do it again and he asked me to marry him and I said yeah!