Evelyn and Ben

Evelyn and Ben's Engagement in Truckee, CA

How We Met

Ben and I met when we were teenagers. I was 16 and he was almost 18 and we met at a going away party for a friend leaving for basic training in the Army. I walked in and saw him and whispered to my girlfriend “I want to make out with that guy” HAHA, classy I know but hey I was 16. After that evening he asked for my number and I was so excited to give it to him! He mistakenly entered it into his phone incorrectly and thought I was blowing him off for weeks! Finally a friend gave him my correct number and he called me and asked to take me on our first official date. I was so incredibly nervous and excited because this was my first real date EVER! I had a friend come over and do my hair and make up and pick out an outfit for me, it was the biggest deal in the world to my 16 year old self.

Throughout the evening every teenage awkwardness you can think of happened. He kept stalling his truck he was so nervous when we were driving, I wore heels and one of them got stuck and I nearly feel but Ben caught me and some other moments I will just keep between Ben and I ha, but after all the awkwardness stopped we had the best time and ever. Since that night we have been completely inseparable. 8 years later we are still the same awkward teenager like adults that are playfully in love only now I have a beautiful bit of sparkle on my left hand that reminds me he is choosing forever with me.

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how they asked

I have always wanted to be one of those couples that take holiday card photos and send them out! Every year we say we are going to do it and we never plan in advance enough. This year Ben said “we are following through with it!” He called up one of our dear friends who takes amazing photos and planned it all out. Our friend and her husband and Ben myself and Karley drove up to Truckee and just drove around looking for good spots to take photos. Looking back now it’s funny because there were so many hints I never caught. We would stop in different spots take photos and everyone would ask me if I liked this spot better, or should we go back or find a new one.

We finally got to a location I loved and took probably about 45 minutes with of photos before taking a slight break. When we got back to it Ben was shaking. He grabbed my hand and said “you know I love you right? You know you’re my best friend?” I swear I thought I was going to blackout… No way he was not about to do what I think he is going to do, I kept telling myself “don’t you cry, he hasn’t even said it yet!” Then he got down on his knee and pulled the ring box out from behind his back and the waterworks happened. I didn’t even look at the box, I dropped and hugged him so tight and of course said YES! Ben is not big on surprises or planning things so this was just so special he did this and it was a moment I will never forget.

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