Evelin and Joe


How We Met

It was the last day of my freshman year, his sophomore year, in high school. I was walking around in between finals with a friend and a mutual friend of ours picked me up and drove us around until my next final and he was sitting in the front seat. He never said a word to me but later asked our friend for my number.

how they asked

We were going to Niagara Falls (New York side) to meet up with some of my family that lives in Canada. I wasn’t planning on going but since I just happened to have off from work I asked Joey to go for the night because I really wanted to see my cousins. When we finally got to the hotel after the long drive all Joey kept talking about was how his stomach hurt (which I later found out was because he was so nervous about asking me) I asked my cousin what to wear to go see the Falls and she kept telling me to put on a nice dress (which I wasn’t going to because it was cold) After everyone else arrived we all got ready to go see the Falls which was so annoying because we had such a hard time figuring out how to get down there to see them. When we finally got down there everyone started with their pictures and since my mom has her really good camera I wanted her to take one of me and Joey.

She got some but he wasn’t smiling so I said take more then finally got one I liked and thought okay I’m done. She kept calling us over wanting to take more and more so I thought okay we can take one kissing or something. I told Joey to kiss me for the picture but he wouldn’t he kept acting weird. I kept turning towards my mom and Joey kept turning me towards him. He grabbed both of my hands and I felt a box in his hand when he did but at that point he was already getting down on one knee.


I was so shocked that I didn’t even say “yes” all I said was “REALLY?” And just hugged him because all I wanted to do was cry.


After he let go everyone asked “so is that a yes?” Everyone around us (family and strangers) started clapping for us and some lady came up to us and even congratulated us. It was honestly a complete surprise and everything about it was perfect!