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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Arrington Vinyard - Nashville Tennessee

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We celebrated our two year anniversary at Arrington vineyards in Franklin TN. we were approaching our 4th anniversary and we had yet to go back. So we planned a night to go with two of our dearest friends (which one of them happens to be an amazing photographer) and she had asked me prior to going if she could take pictures of him and me to expand her website. Well, I love engagement stories so that was a red flag to me so I told her to promise she wasn’t setting me up. I ended up brushing it off because I could’ve SWORN I would’ve found out somehow it was going to happen.

I have to mention we made a pit stop at a jewelry store her and I both love and they gave us engagement pamphlets to educate our boyfriends on types of rings. When I gave it to Evan he just kind of blew it off like he didn’t need it. Which i also didn’t think much about. So when we got to Arrington we hung out for a bit and then as we were taking couples pictures in the vines he turns me around and he’s down on one knee.. I thought it was so special he chose that place because we love to visit a new winery/vineyard every anniversary and I hope that’s something we continue forever.

We went to the Airbnb to freshen up and he surprised me with 25 of our closest friends and I had NO IDEA. It was the best surprise of my life. Definitely the most shocked I’ve ever been. Idk how I didn’t see it coming. He did so good and made it the best day of my life.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Arrington Vinyard - Nashville Tennessee

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