Evan and Shiann

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how we met

In high school we were hometown rivals. We had met through passing once when we were sixteen just hanging out with a group of friends. Not even catching each other’s name, who knew that quick hello and goodbye would eventually lead into a forever. We ended up truly meeting while studying at Central Washington University. During a conversation we discovered we were from the same valley and had met before. One day Evan finally worked up the courage to ask me on a date, and it wasn’t a typical first date. Evan, always being the adventuress outdoorsmen, took me on an ATV adventure and we have been living our journey together ever since.

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how they asked

Evan mentioned this photographer named Jessica who he “claimed” was having a special/promotion on couple’s photography and he would like to book a session with her. I really didn’t think anything of it because he’s mentioned her photography skills in the past and always kept me up to date with the latest shoots she had done. Evan loves the outdoors and Jessica’s photography always captured the beauty of the outdoors, I was definitely on board when he mentioned this opportunity. He told me the photographer really wanted to do the shoot at this waterfall called the Lower Lewis River Falls here in Washington. Once I saw the pictures of the falls, I couldn’t contain my excitement. As the day approached it was like any typical road trip. Lots of laughs, car singing, and excitement for the destination.

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We arrived at the falls early morning, just as you arrive you could hear the rushing water. Walking down to the location I was just in awe of the falls and being surrounded by so much beauty. As we hiked down to the perfect spot, Jessica immediately had us out in the water.

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We were about 20 minutes into the shoot and as I was looking around at the beautiful scenery, I turn to see the love of my life on one knee. I instantly burst into tears and couldn’t believe that this day had come, and of course I said YES! The rest of the day was so perfect. We continued our newly engagement celebration to Portland, OR where we went to a romantic dinner, drank champagne, and finished the night with the ever delicious Voodoo Donuts.

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Special Thanks

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