Evan and Nathalia | iPhone 5 Proposal | Video

How we met

Nathalia and I met on a dating website called OkCupid. After 3 weeks of messaging each other, we decided to meet in person at a beach in Long Island. On our first date, we played guitar on the beach for hours, then grabbed a quick bite to eat. The next day we decided to meet again in NYC for our second date which then led to a 3rd and 4th and before we knew it, we were dating and in love.
How I Proposed

After 11 months, Nathalia went home to Brasil for over a month to visit her family. The entire time she was away, I started planning my “iRing” proposal. First I bought the ring, pretty simple and traditional. Next I put my graphic design skills to the test and redesigned the apple box with all engagement proposal elements. I created a fake instructions guide replacing all the text with bullet points on how to accept my proposal. 1). Do you truly believe Evan is the man you’re meant to be with. 2). Say YES. 3). If tearing occurs, please use tissue in box to dry eye. After creating the box and instructions, the final step was making the appointment. I called the apple store to set it up the day she got back from Brasil. To her knowledge, she thought we were only going to fix our phones. Soon after, I told her I had one more thing to ask an apple staff member… that’s when I got the apple iRing box out of my backpack and surprised her. She said YES and couldn’t hold back from crying.
Here’s the video to see how it all happened…

And a few photos…

The creative groom-to-be, Evan, is a designer and photographer.