Evan and Madison

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How We Met

Madison and I met in college at Taylor University in Indiana, a small college in the middle of the cornfields. Considering she’s from Texas and I lived in Thailand, it was pretty spectacular that we met our future spouses far away from either of our homes. During my freshman year, she caught my eye during a class that we shared together, and so I asked her to be in a class project group the following semester, just trying to find an excuse to spend more time with her. As we started working on homework together, she realized that I was more of a natural in our Stats class than she was, and so she asked me to tutor her. She even offered me cookies in exchange for my time. Even though I was ecstatic, I still wanted to see what else I could get from the offer, and so I convinced her to go on a group date with me and some of my friends in exchange for the homework help. We had an absolute blast together on the date, and it immediately became obvious that there was a mutual attraction. After a few more weeks of doing homework together, hanging out, and one official date, we started dating in December of 2014, and it’s been nothing short of perfect ever since.

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how they asked

I was spending the summer with her family in Dallas, and I had known for a while that I was going to propose then, although she was predicting it wouldn’t be for a couple more months. On a Sunday night, Madison went out with her friend Emily for a nice girls night out, planning on having dinner and watching a movie. As Emily drove her back from dinner, she handed Madison a letter that was assumed to be from Emily, but was actually from me. The letter informed her that she was about to start a scavenger hunt, visiting several significant places to her and our relationship, and that Emily was actually her chauffeur. They stopped first at a picturesque gazebo in her neighborhood, where we had walked many times together over the last year. In the gazebo, she found a vase of white daisies (her favorite flower), a letter from me, and a portion of a puzzle that she was supposed to start putting together.

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The second stop was at the soccer fields at her high school, where she had won a state championship several years before. Soccer was an important part of both of our lives, and an instant shared passion when we met. Next to the soccer fields she found flowers, more puzzle pieces, and a collection of note-cards with different numbers that were significant to our relationship (we are both nerds). After a bathroom break (she was starting to get nervous), Emily drove her to a spot outside her church she had grown up at, where she found the rest of the puzzle, and an journal that I had been writing ever since we started dating. The journal was a log of every significant memory we had ever shared, from the moment we met until now. It was opened to a letter that I had written her about how this was a very significant day for us, and that I was looking forward to writing and finishing many more journals, containing the adventures of the rest of our lives.

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The final stop was at Towne Lake, a park where we had spent time before, and where she had grown up as a kid. She was told to follow a path of white daisies that I had left for her, but she got a little lost along the way until she spotted more of the flowers. Following the trail, she walked back through the woods to where I was waiting in a sunlit clearing. After we hugged, I sat her down and sang a song that I had written for her on guitar. Finally, I got down on one knee and proposed to the woman of my dreams, and she said YES!

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After the moment of excitement, I finally revealed that my family was actually in Texas, and that my sister was taking pictures in the bushes.

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We got to spend the rest of the night celebrating with our families, as well as many of her friends who had secretly come to her house for an after-party.

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It was by far the best moment of our lives.

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