Evan and Katie

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How We Met

Katie is the greatest thing to enter my life, and the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. In college, Katie and I had always known “of” each other, but over the years, we never once formally met. Through years of having mutual friends, we both noticed and were aware of our mutual interests in water sports, photography, and traveling the world. It always seemed like when I was backpacking around Asia, that she was backpacking around Europe. At Age 25, I finally reached out to Katie, which led to a 1.5-hour phone conversation about all of our aforementioned interests. (I thought I’d be lucky if I could get her on the phone for 5 minutes). I woke up the next morning with a text message from her: “Want to go to a Minnesota Twins (Baseball) Game tonight?”

(Are you kidding me?! ABSOLUTELY!) She continued with some along the lines of “Pick me up at 6:00 PM, we’re going here, here, and here.” (Just what I’ve been looking for! A confident woman!)

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I picked her up and she took me to a rooftop restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis where our relationship instantly started flourishing. We talked and talked and talked, eventually getting so lost in our conversation that we realized we were going to be late for the game. We quickly hurried to the stadium, arriving at the game at the end of the 1st Inning. We found our seats – and continued our amazing conversation. I have never felt this kind of connection ever. It was the most perfect feeling in the world, I can’t describe it. I know it sounds cheesy, but I can honestly say that by the 2nd Inning of that baseball game, I knew that she would be the girl that I would marry. Later in the ballgame, we eventually peeked at our phones, and we both had text messages from our mutual friends “Are you at a Twins Game with Katie?” “Are you at a Twins Game with Evan?” “We just saw you on TV!” Yes, that’s correct, our first ever picture together was a photo of us on National Television. (Image attached – You’ll notice we’re not paying attention to the game at all because we’re so engulfed in our date)

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Fast-forwarding a bit, I called my Dad on my way home after the date and he asked me, “How close were you to the spot where Park hit his double”, in which I responded, “Dad, the date went so well that I didn’t know anyone hit a double, nor did I know there was anyone on the Twin’s Roster with the last name ‘Park’”.

The next day, Katie came down to my hometown – where we went wakeboarding at my family’s Lake Cabin (this was April…in Minnesota… thus, the ice had just melted a few days prior and the water temp was 35˚F). As an avid wakeboarder and water-skier, my heart grew 100x the size when I saw Katie strap into a wakeboard and jump into the freezing cold lake without a wetsuit (and without worry!). Seeing this, I immediately grabbed my board, and we both went wakeboarding at the same time. Best. Second Date. Ever. (Image attached) I’ll never forget the image of her smiling as we glided across the lake during sunset – she was the happiest human being I had ever seen, and continues to make me the happiest man in the world.

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The next year and a half were blessed with many incredible memories of traveling, long days on the lake, family, friends, and days simply spent being our most genuine selves. Katie continues to bring out the best in me, comes from the most beautiful family, is the hardest worker I know, appreciates all the little things in life, and allows for me to chase my dreams – altogether while creating a platform for us to chase ours. It turns out my First-Date 2nd-Inning epiphany holds true – this is the girl I’m going to marry. I began planning a very surprising proposal for her.

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how they asked

I convinced Katie that I was being hired by one of my agency business partners to do a photoshoot for UPS in Reykjavík, Iceland. I made up a completely fake story about how they were merging with an Icelandic Shipping/Freight company called “Land-To-Ice”, and due to the close proximity to the Holidays, the agency asked Katie to come and “help/assist” with miscellaneous tasks – as they were turning it into a work/vacation trip, bringing their own spouses and significant others. With the help from an insider at said agency (real agency, real client), I took Katie through 4-6 weeks of fake emails, fake itineraries, fake clients, fake logos, fake websites ( www.land-to-ice.com ), fake legal documents (in which Katie “signed”), fake Marketing Directors (who would communicate from a @land-to-ice.com email I created, although it was me typing everything, but signing it as “Julian Iverssön), fake hotel confirmations, fake everything.

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Upon our arrival to Iceland on 12/17/17 @ 5:00 AM, “Julian” (a.k.a. Me), sent us a shot list for the first morning: Drone/Aerial Photography at certain GPS coordinates “he” sent us to go capture. The rest of the crew was getting in later that day on a later flight (fake). Thus, we hopped in our 4-wheel-drive rental car and trekked to one of the most vast, remote, and off-road locations which Iceland has to offer.

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I threw the drone in the air, and told Katie to walk to the edge of the cliff for a good photo. I walked over and began with saying… “ Fast Horse (agency) isn’t coming…this isn’t a work trip…” I dropped down on a knee and stood back up with a fiancé. We were the ONLY people in this entire area, as we enjoyed the beautiful view of Haifoss’s two waterfalls.

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While we are thrilled that neither of us plummeted to our death, and we may or may not still have the front bumper of our rental car, this week continues to be filled with travel and adventure, as I also surprised her by flying her to the Faroe Islands where we will spend much of our trip before returning to Iceland for another day. We are so blessed and gracious for all of our friends and family who have been at our side since Day 1. We can’t wait to come home and put “TAYLOR” on the mailbox!

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