Eva and Marc

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How We Met

We are your modern Tinder couple. We made a match and attempted to organize a first date, but unfortunately I had to take rain check on our first try. The night that was almost our first date, my fuse box decided to malfunction making the lights in my apartment flicker on and off. I let him know there was no way I would make it on time, but unfortunately my phone, nor his were sending & receiving messages correctly – Murphy’s Law!. So, our first date I stood him up, according to him. Before confirming a second date, Marc noticed that whether he was at work or at home, I was always 7 miles away according to Tinder.

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Marc started to think I might be a bot, little did he know I lived exactly in-between his job and home. We finally first met at Trader Sam’s in Downtown Disney, and then a second and third date, but shortly after, he disappeared. Three months later, he asked me for a “second chance” date and I did not make it easy. I told him I was busy, but that I would be at Disneyland if he wanted to meet me there. I never thought he would take me up on that invitation, but he did. After a 8 hours, I found myself completely falling for Marc. One month later, I accidentally slipped and told him I loved him on my couch. I sat there frozen in horror, as we had not dated very long and it wasn’t until that moment that I realized I had fallen in love. To my surprise, he told me he felt exactly the same way, and right then and there he asked me to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked

My wonderful boyfriend of two and a half years, gathered all of our closest friends at my parents house on the fourth of July for a BBQ. In my hometown, there are an unusual amount of illegal fireworks, and the whole town puts on a show just like Disneyland. One week before, he secretly asked my parents for my hand in marriage, needless to say everyone special to me was in on the secret engagement party. As the party was getting started my best friend, whom is an amazing photographer, decided she wanted to take some group pictures with her professional camera, in my parents backyard. As she instructs our group to leave only my boyfriend Marc and I for a special picture, I realize Marc is on one knee. I sobbed and giggled until he finally said, “You have to say yes!”. I said yes to forever. Future Mrs. Dion 2018.

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Special Thanks

Julie Mapes
 | Photographer