Eva and Gil

How We Met

10 years ago we met at camp. We didn’t agree on anything. Actually we weren’t even friends. We added each other on MSN and started to talk. We agreed on seeing each other to give the friendship a chance and after 2 months we decided to give it a go! After 10 years, you are still the love of my life, my best friend and I will keep on loving you for as long as I can. We had our ups and downs ( Like Noah and Allie) but our love was so strong that we conquered it all! My love, I love you so much and I hope to be your best friend for always!

How They Asked

My partner wanted to see the sunrise on top of the Mountain in Taormina Sicily. I looked at the burning son and I wanted to give Gil a kiss but instead, he was proposing. It was the most beautiful morning and the most beautiful present he could give me. Spending our lives together!

Where to Propose in Taormina - Sicily

Eva Van's Proposal in Taormina - Sicily