Eurelle and Ricky

Image 1 of Eurelle and Ricky

How We Met

We were children when we met in first grade. We were always friends; growing up and moving through life from the same elementary school to the same high school, to the same university.

Our love for film brought us to our “first date” in 2009 as freshmen in college. A good movie (Tarantino film), popcorn, and soda were all we needed to start dating.

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From there, we journeyed and grew together. We supported each other during our undergraduate years, doing our best to get good grades, enjoy pizza and beer, and have a good time at basement shows. We cheered each other on when I got my first full-time job, added a full-time MBA program to my plate, and made the jump to NYC; when he went back for his Master’s in Education and landed his first teaching job. We grew together in travel, from sunny Florida and California to beautiful Dublin and Barcelona; our love for travel together is what brought us even closer.

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How They Asked

Over the years, Ricky has considered himself a “master of surprises.” No matter how small, or large, he always found a way to catch me off my guard.

Ricky first asked me to be his girlfriend in the parking lot outside a university dorm building with a simple, “Do you want to make this official, and be my girlfriend?”

9 years later, a few days after Christmas… we were in Brussels, Belgium enjoying the Christmas markets. He wanted to see what Grand-Place looked like (as I had already been there on a previous summer holiday). When we arrived, the square was immaculate with a large Christmas tree and lights.

Image 7 of Eurelle and Ricky

I was looking up at the buildings, when Ricky asked me, “Do you remember what I asked you 9 years ago?” I acknowledged and recalled the parking lot at the university. He turned to face me and asked, “Do you want to make this official- will you marry me?” As he knelt on one knee, my surprise was so evident, I stared at him for almost one full minute before grabbing his hands and saying, “Yes!”

Image 8 of Eurelle and Ricky

As you can see from the photos, Ricky went above and beyond with another surprise; hiring a local photographer to capture the moment and have us relish in our engagement with a photography session around Brussels.

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Special Thanks

Vincent Van Wesemael
 | Photographer