Eunice and Matthew

How We Met

Matt & I met in college through mutual friends back in 2009! Our wedding is approaching and thought I’d share our proposal, the day that took me by an incredible surprise and will always be one to treasure. Enjoy :)

how they asked

For my birthday Matt bought us flights for a vacation to Thailand! We made it as a must to visit Chiang Mai to attend the Yee Peng Lana Lantern Festival. After the release of our first lantern, we were both in awe and shock at how beautiful the event was. A million things immediately raced through my head…how gorgeous, peaceful and surreal… And how in the world did we get so fortunate and blessed to be in this exact moment right now!

Then I started to tear up, and I looked up at Matt and he was too. He immediately hugged me and whispered to me, “I’m having the best vacation with you…you tell me to be the man and lead us in the right direction, so I plan to…” And before I could comprehend everything.. he was down on one knee!!!

Of course, I said, “Yes!!” We were honestly just backpacking through Thailand on vacation and now I was coming home engaged!! So shocked and completely surprised, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect precious moment in our lives. He than tells me to smile and wave at the go pro on a little tripod, that was on this whole time. I laughed to myself as he was carrying my ring as we backpacked through this whole journey!! The event itself is breathing and romantic and the journey it took for us to get there was hands down well worth it.

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