Eunice and Jorge

How We Met

Eunice: Jorge and I met in December 2011 at a mutual friend’s White Elephant Party in Phoenix, AZ. To be candid, I almost did not attend the party because my friend called me to tell me she wanted me to meet a guy who she thought was perfect for me! Being skeptical and not a believer in friends setting someone up, I told her “I am not going then!” haha! Luckily, my sister (my now MOH) was visiting me and she pretty much made me go to the party! During the party, I was anxious because the “perfect guy” for me got to the party a couple of hours late! When he finally arrived, everyone was gathered around the Christmas tree because it was time to exchange/open the gifts. Given the timing, there was not a lot of ‘room’ to talk so we introduced ourselves quickly and shook hands. (it all happened in about 1 minute!) Immediately after we all finished opening the gifts, I told my sister it was time to leave. We left and I did not say bye to him but I left thinking about him.

A few days later, I received a Facebook message from him asking how was I doing and if I had enjoyed the party. I smiled and answered his message. We messaged on and off and we exchanged phone numbers. We started texting and learned we were both from El Paso, TX and that we lived less than a mile away in AZ! Jorge was so sweet and asked me out on a few dates but I would not accept. As any person would, he stopped asking me out on dates and ‘disappeared’ for a few months. A few months later, I saw on Facebook that he had moved back to El Paso! I couldn’t help myself but asked him via messenger what made him change his mind since he once mentioned he would NEVER move back. I then learned he moved back to join his family real estate business. I admired that because that was truly what I wanted to do and I was planning on doing the same but a few years later- when ‘the timing was right’.

It wasn’t until December 2012 when Jorge ‘came back’ to pursue me. We were 400 plus miles away from each other and we began texting every day and I was really enjoying the conversations because he was funny, smart and polite. Given my job, I would travel frequently and I would visit home as much as possible. It was during one of my visits during the holidays that he knew I was in the same city as him. He called me and had the courage to ask me out again and once again I said no! His response to me was “You know I am not giving up, right? Have a good night!” When he said that my heart skipped a beat and with a big smile I said to myself he is determined and I think I like it! A couple of days later, he asked me out again! As I was ready to give him another silly excuse he told me “You know when you really want to see someone you give that person at least an hour of your time…” I knew he was right and we saw each other that evening.

We went to The Sushi Place, a local restaurant in El Paso where we have celebrated every anniversary. That first date confirmed he is a very smart person, driven, funny, romantic, goal oriented and a gentleman. I regretted not going out with him when we were less than a mile away. Once I was back in AZ, we kept texting and calling each other every day and I missed seeing him. Then on January 21, 2013, via telephone, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said Yes! I knew it was going to be difficult but it was more than difficult. A week later, I went back to El Paso for a business trip and on January 26, he asked me to Wyler Aerial Tramway and with a romantic sunset, we had our first kiss! <3 We dated long distance for 2.5 years and we visited each other as much as possible, we relied on texting, phone calls, FaceTime and we used an app called Tango to play games and “spend quality time together”. There were times I could not deal with not having him in the same city and just seeing his face.

It wasn’t until the end of September 2015, when I finally decided to move back home to my family, Jorge and my family business. The idea of having a ‘normal’ life as boyfriend and girlfriend was beyond exciting and brought so much joy to our lives!! We could actually go to a movie, lunch, dinner, church or for a walk any day!! We are both beyond happy and blessed to have each other on a daily basis!

Jorge: It was 2011 and my address was in Gilbert, AZ. It was around the same time of year and the holidays were upon us. A friend was planning a white elephant party for December and mentioned that she had a friend in mind that was perfect for me. Skeptical as always I said that’s fine and that we would meet at that party. Little did I know this would be the woman that would hold my heart forever. I would love to say that it was love at first sight or that we locked eyes and sparks flew. We met, chatted for a bit and went our separate ways, Lol! We would talk on and off via Facebook for about a year. The time came that I decided to move back to El Paso. On one of our random conversations, she asked why I moved back? She’s asked because I would always stress how I would never return to the 915.

2012, same time of year (something about fall/winter) we started to really get to know each other. Not just via Facebook but via text, pictures, and phone calls. Calls got longer, texts became more frequent and pictures were the norm. December 2012 she came to town to visit her family for the holidays. I kept asking her out for a coffee or dinner and she wouldn’t budge. After a few times, finally, on a call, I asked her again. She Just wouldn’t say yes and I couldn’t understand why? With butterflies in my stomach, sweaty palms and a confident voice I said, “If you really wanted to see me then you would make time, at least an hour.” Later I come to find out that she loved when I said this to her and that was the point/phrase that made things happen for us. We agreed on a date, time and place. The Sushi place (where we have celebrated our anniversary ever since). The date went awesome even though I lied and told her I loved sushi when I had no clue what it was and have never eaten it before. Hahaha!! I heard it was fancy and I wanted to impress her. Now I love sushi and we go every chance we get.

Weeks passed and we couldn’t get enough of each other. January 21st, 2013 at 12:56 a.m. on one of our late conversations I decided to ask her if she would like to be mine aka my girlfriend. As much as I would be loved to ask her in person, I couldn’t wait anymore and we weren’t sure when she was going to be back in town or she I was going to be able to go to AZ for a visit. She said yes!!!!!!!!!! Funny how things work out. She ended up coming to EP for work and on January 26th, 2013 at the Wyler Aerial Tramway between 5:32-6: 25 pm we had our first kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, it was awesome!!!!!!!!! For 2.5yrs we both visited each other at least once a month. FaceTime and the app called Tango were our best tools due to the video capability. We would miss each other so much that sometimes we would fall asleep while on video chat, Lol! (Hope she doesn’t kill me for sharing that)

September 2015 the time came that she decided it was time to come home to her family and to me. Along with her while family I went to AZ to help her pack and move back. It was one of the happiest days of my life. We were finally going to be a normal couple and live in the same city!! It has been such a blessing having her here. She has been with me through my ups and my downs. Supported me and my dreams. We have been there for each other through it all. We now attend the same church together, her company and my company’s office are literally less than a mile from each other now off of Mesa.

how they asked

Eunice: During my lunch break in October 2017, I saw a Three Sisters Instagram post asking for couples to submit their story for a chance to win a styled photoshoot. I thought that winning would be amazing and I sent it to Jorge to ask if he was OK with me submitting it. Once he said yes, I thought to myself we are not married or engaged! I better not do this! I told him the reasons why I was not going to submit our story. Several weeks later, he told me he had submitted our story and that we had been selected!! I couldn’t believe it!! I was so excited but weeks went by and I didn’t hear any more about it. I thought it was not appropriate to ask just in case the shoot had fallen through. Then early January 2018, we received an email from Three Sisters stating we were selected for the January Elopement Styled Shoot! Once again, I was beyond excited!! It was really happening!! I then got nervous because I did not know what to expect.

The day of the photoshoot arrived, January 15, 2018, I took the day off work to get my nails done and finish preparing for the big photoshoot day! Jorge picked me up from my house and he dropped me off to the beauty salon to get my hair and makeup done by the talented Heather Deshea at her salon Deshea Exclusive and I was living a dream. Then I got beautiful, Audrey Hepburn inspired black tulle and lace outfit from three Sisters. Then I met Jorge, looking so handsome and sharp in a tuxedo, from The Tux Shoppe, and the amazing photographers, Taylor’d Photography, for the first pictures of the session at The Southwest University Park. We took so many fun and beautiful pictures with stunning flowers from Kern Place, jewelry from CBC Fine Jewelers, and a gorgeous & delicious cake from Arcoiris Fine Pastry (all local business that came together to make this styled shoot possible!)

After taking lots of fun and romantic pictures together, we were separated to take individual pictures and Jorge was taken upstairs to have his individual pictures taken in a different setting. After my individual pictures, I was going to meet Jorge upstairs to take some more couple pictures. When I was taken upstairs, as I was exiting the elevator, I saw red rose petals on the floor and thought to myself “wow, they really went out of their way with the rose petals! How beautiful!” As I kept walking, I hear music and then I see special lighting.

I then make a right turn and there is the man of my dreams standing to look as handsome as ever holding a red rose and standing in front of lighted letters that read ‘Marry Me”! I was speechless and I could not believe it!! (There are pictures to prove it! hahaha!) I then see all my family and his family standing to my right! My heart wanted to explode with happiness! I just wanted to hug Jorge and never let go!! After a beautiful speech, Jorge got on one knee and asked me to be his wife!!! I SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He did it so perfectly that even 3 weeks later I am still on cloud nine!! I thank God every day for Jorge’s life and for the privilege of becoming his wife!! Little did I know EVERYONE knew about it and that Jorge had been working with Three Sisters to make this day so magical, romantic and perfect!!! We are forever grateful to Three Sisters and the whole team who made it happen! Our families being present, even my brother who came from out of town, made it even more beautiful!

Special Thanks

Taylor'd Photography
The Tux Shoppe and Boutique
Groomsman Attire
Kern Place Florist
Floral Designer
Southwest University Park
Reception Venue
Arcoiris Fine Bakery |