Eudora and James


How We Met

James and I first met when we were both playing in a volleyball league – although not on the same team (his team would always beat mine!). I’d seen him around, we’d exchanged smiles and he caught my eye as the guy who was good at volleyball, but we were officially introduced that season through mutual friends.


And while his athleticism was definitely attractive, I was more drawn to James because he was (and still is!) a gentleman who is respectful, selfless and genuinely caring for his friends and family.


After our initial conversations, we soon realized that we were compatible, had similar interests and made each other laugh. It didn’t take long for us to make things official and since then, we’ve never been happier!


Sharing a love of dogs (especially my 6.5 year old golden lab/retriever), health and wellness, good food and the great outdoors, we continue to bring out the best in one another every single day.


how they asked

As someone who is a natural event planner and who loves surprises himself, James intentionally organized the entire day to lead into the moment he proposed. It started off in the morning, when he convinced me to go to early church service instead of the later one which we would normally go to. This was strategically done so that we could make it on time for the manicure/pedicure appointment he’d surprised me with! We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing until it was time to get ready for dinner. James told me that week that he wanted to take me out for a nice dinner to thank me for all I did for his Birthday earlier in September.

All I knew going into the dinner was that it was for a 6:30pm reservation and that it was at a fancy restaurant, which is why I dressed up. But it was a complete surprise to me when we pulled into the parking lot of the Teahouse Restaurant in Stanley Park. Since we were a bit early, James called the restaurant to see if our reservation was ready. His phone is connected to his car through Bluetooth, so when he called, “Teahouse Restaurant” showed up on the navigation screen – normal right? Little did I know that he had renamed our friend Evelyn to “The Teahouse Restaurant” on his phone, so while I thought James was talking to the restaurant, he was actually talking to Eveyln, who was helping him out with the proposal.

When James hung up, he said with disappointment that the restaurant had double booked us and that they asked us to come back in an hour, at 7:30pm. Taking the advice of the lady from the Teahouse on the phone (aka Evelyn), we drove to the Third Beach parking lot, only a few minutes away. Apparently there were beautiful waterfront views along a nearby gravel trail, which wasn’t the best for the shoes I wore that day…so I wasn’t the happiest camper. Furthermore, it was my first time in the area, so I wasn’t sure where we were going.


After passing by a few scenic views along the trail, I noticed a lookout point on a balcony in the distance, across a wooded area and a small bridge.


That’s when I first saw the romantic proposal set up – rose petals along the bridge walkway, mason jars hung along the fencing, candles and LED fairy lights strung along the railing (I took this photos after the proposal).


Funny enough, my initial reaction was that someone was getting engaged there, so I told James not to intrude. But when he took my hand and led me through the wooded area, and onto the small bridge, I realized that the beautiful set up was for us (I always tear up when I remember the emotions running through my body the moment it hit me that James was going to pop the question)!!

I was happy, overjoyed, nervous, and though I knew what was happening, it still felt surreal.


During the proposal, James said a lot of sweet things that I honestly don’t remember 100% (too much going on in my head at the time!!), but when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, I knew my dream was becoming a reality.


I was the happiest girl in the world!



God answered James’ prayers and blessed the both of us because though it was raining and cloudy the day before, the day of turned out to not only be beautiful; it was perfect. As the sun set, it created a gorgeous backdrop and our friend Benny, who James had asked to be there and photograph the occasion, captured some engagement photos for us to look back on and treasure the memories.


dsc_0448  dsc_0445 dsc_0466


James wouldn’t be able to pull of this perfect proposal without the help of a couple of awesome and kindhearted people – Benny, who was there hiding in the trees (literally!) and documenting the whole thing, and Evelyn, who had helped him plan the logistics and set up the proposal spot (and who was the friend James renamed as “Teahouse Restaurant” and was talking to on the phone!). Huge thanks to the both of our dear friends for their time, energy and effort in making this special day possible.


After the proposal, instead of going back to Teahouse restaurant for our “7:30pm reservation”, James had a final surprise for me; he drove us to a restaurant where he had organized an engagement dinner with both of our families! It was the perfect way to end the evening – celebrating with our family and sharing the love with everyone.

Though the proposal was over a month ago now, I’m still giddy at the thought that I am engaged to the man of my dreams. I am so grateful every day to have found someone who challenges me, motivates me, brings out the best in me and loves me unconditionally. This is the beginning of our forever, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with James.


Special Thanks

Benny Lin
Evelyn Mah | 
Proposal planning