Ethana and Alex

Image 1 of Ethana and Alex

How We Met

At a gathering at a restaurant.

How They Asked

It was our 1 year anniversary. We had dinner at Morton’s. The plan was to go to a rooftop bar for drinks. As we’re walking towards that destination (so I think), we walk through a park. As we come around the corner, we’re greeted by our friends and family. There’s a beautiful backdrop with lights. Letters that say marry me. And a trail of rose petals and t lights on the ground. He gives a 2 min speech. Gets down on one knee. Pats his pockets as if he forgot the ring. I low key start to panic. My facial expression is caught on camera. Lol. And he says “I think I forgot the..” then my dog walks over to me with a bow tie and the ring was attached to it 🥰. After he finagles the ring off of my dog, he asked if I would be his wife. I said “absolutely.” It was absolutely perfect! The perfect unexpected twist, since I was already suspicious. And it worked out even more special because originally our friends and family that were setting up, got kicked out of their original location by security guards. So they had to take everything down and find a new set up area, which thankfully was still in the same vicinity. Truly a blessing! Thank you for letting me share.