Kayla and Ethan

How We Met: It’s truly a 21st century high school sweetheart story seeing as I met him on Facebook! He had just moved into town and school hadn’t started yet. We talked all summer long until the first day of school came. We met up on the second day and the rest just followed.


We were holding hands by the end of the day, he was telling me he loved me by the end of the month, and due to certain conditions pushing it along, he moved into my mother’s houseFB_IMG_1440957747864with us 3 months in! It’s been 4 years, engaged for 2, and we’re still madly in love with each other, more and more everyday.

He’s the most supportive and dedicated man I could’ve asked for! He’s helped me along with surgeries, he’s cleaned stitches I couldn’t reach, made 2am McDonald’s runs when I’m hungry, and in May of this year I was diagnosed with epilepsy.

He is a constant caregiver; watching me sleep to avoid episodes, letting me fall asleep first so he won’t sleep through it, and holds me when it gets so overwhelming. He truly is the perfect guy.

how they asked: You know, he started acting weird a long time before he asked me. Our junior year at the Grand March, we wowed the crowd when we swept me off my feet and walked me across the stage.

Our senior year came and he kept talking about how we needed something bigger and better to do now that others were going to do the same as us. But he never actually asked me to prom! He was constantly dipping out to go talk to teachers and have meetings in the office and he’d come back with the most unreadable expression.

I was suspicious but never gave it much thought. The day before prom comes and he still hasn’t asked me yet! Halfway during the day, I get a dozen roses and each have a card of them with one letter spelling out, “Prom?” Finally the day comes, we’re at friend’s houses taking pictures and he’s constantly leaving with guys and come back and leaving again. We’re in line for the Grand March and he takes my promise ring off but I’m so nervous I forget about it almost immediately.

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Finally they call off our names, we’re supposed to walk up there, turn left, wave, and turn right and do the same. I get up there, I turn left, and I feel his hand let go, I turn back around and he’s on his knee! I didn’t even think of the thousands of people surrounding us, it was just him. Turns out, he had my best friend taping, another close friend came to watch even though he wasn’t even going to prom, and my mom even came to see too.


Needless to say, I think we set a pretty high bar to beat.

Video by: Kasey Wortman