Estrellita and Zen

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How We Met

Our parents went to high school together, and we were able to grow up as classmates and friends. I had always had a crush on Zen; in fact the crush on him brought me out of my tomboy-gym-teacher-sweat pant phase! Thank goodness for that!! He never noticed me! He says he always liked me, but he never knew I had a crush on him so he didn’t pursue anything! In high school he started “talking to” (in most eyes they were a dating) a cousin of mine. She unfortunately was unfaithful to him, and she had told me about her unfaithfulness just to rub it in my face because she knew I had a crush on him. I told her she had a few days to tell him the truth about what had happened or I would tell him. After she refused to tell him; I told him. Additionally, because we grew up in a small town, his friends had already told him what his ex did.

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A couple weeks later, he and I were inseparable. We’ve been best friends and loving one another ever since. I’m so grateful to have grown up laughing and learning with my Zen. I’ve attached a photo of us in Pre-K and Senior year of High School.

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how they asked

I had 3 demands: I wanted my hair done, my nails done, and I wanted a photographer there. Since I grew up with Zen, I knew his every move and was questioning everything he was doing up until about four months before he proposed. I was graduating from college as a Theatre Major, and I had set up senior pictures to be taken by one of my close friends. Little did I know that Zen had already purchased the ring, asked my parents for their blessing, and talked to my photographer about surprising me with my beautiful “Daisy” during the photo shoot.

As I began taking pictures Zen walked up to me with a bouquet of roses, and my parents followed behind filming everything on his cell phone.

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My mom had tears in her eyes; I immediately knew what was happening. I still remember every word that he said while he was on his knew, but I’ll keep that to ourselves. My favorite part of the proposal was that when he opened the box, it was upside down! I started laughing and he said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t practice that part.” It was so so sweet, and it made me cry even more.

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I’m so glad Zen listened to my demands and surprised me at such a special place. The theatre building will always have a soft place in my heart because of my degree, but that sidewalk outside will always be my favorite place on campus.

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Special Thanks

Albert Suarez
 | Photography
Jonathan Gonzales
 | Photography