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How We Met

This is how we met. This is our first picture. okay here it goes, we just met on a social media so called “TINDER” this is a dating/meeting new person online i know many of you know this site but anyway we met here because of this “IT’S a MATCH” so meaning both of you liked each other already so after that he messaged me and then that day we’re talking everyday as if it’s like we’ve known each other for a long time, we both clicked to each others personality and then one day we decided to meet (although this is a not good idea lol because yo know nowadays we don’t get to trust people easily and it is scary to meet someone you just met on social media, but anyway i took the risk coz i am in Dubai i mean WE are in Dubai it is safe as far as i know :)) ) so here is it our first picture together we met at the mall and watched movies together while having chit chats haha!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ajman, United Arab Emirates

how they asked

There you go :) he planned this, he said that we will just go to the hotel for a bonding with his office mates because we’re having a long weekend we went to the hotel at Ajman it was a nice hotel though! the place is so relaxing we had a nice stay there, anyway yeah we arrived already at the hotel we go to the check in area and then all the way up to our room but there’s this thing he left me with his colleague (Ella) so i am wondering why but then i told to myself maybe he needs to see his colleague on the other room but then after a minute Ella and i go to the room where he went so poof!

There he is with all the other colleagues inside the room playing the music and a photo slideshow and then as i entered the room it has a lot of petals and then I walk inside i saw him staring at me like he is staring at me walking to the altar with my parents beside me haha sweetest moment though then we watched what they prepared and then there is a video of my mom that i really cried too much because she was away form me and a very wonderful heart melting message from me and to my fiance and after that he showed me some cards with a letters for me and then begun to bend his one knee and asked me to marry him and of course the answer is YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Every girls dream is to have a man that truly loves her and wanna be with them for the rest of their lives. Happily engaged. wedding coming soon! :) So in love with my fiance everyday.

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