Esther and Jason

Esther and Jason's Engagement in Toronto Islands overlooking the city skyline

How We Met

I needed dinner plans one day so I messaged a friend and asked what she was up to. She was having dinner with a friend and invited me to come along. Turns out she was having dinner with a friend named, Jason. We enjoyed our meals and eventually went our separate ways. Fast forward 8 months later, and as I’m walking in the lobby of my condo, I notice a familiar face. There was Jason working security in my building. We both did a double take and started to laugh. What a crazy coincidence! From that moment on, we became the best of friends until one day, we realized that our friendship had turned into a beautiful love story.

How They Asked

I always told Jason he would never be able to trick me because I am a self proclaimed master of sneaky. But this time, he really got me good.

We go to the Toronto islands every year because that’s where we went for our very first date. So as per tradition, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we packed up a picnic, met up with two of our closest friends and headed on the ferry towards the island. We got there and rented a quadricycle and rode out towards the view of the skyline. Once we got to the first stop, our friends asked for us to take photos of them and vice versa. As Jason stood next to me for photos, I could feel his heart beating out of his chest. I looked up at him and his face was bright red and he looked so nervous. Then he looked into my eyes and started talking about the last 4 years of our relationship. He had tears in his eyes and I knew right at that moment what was happening. He got down on one knee and everything around me froze. I had waited so long for this moment and I couldn’t believe it was real! By this point a large audience had formed and there was so much clapping and cheers. I was speechless so I nodded yes and jumped into his arms!

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