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Since before @austinmann and I started dating we have left notes for each other hidden in airports around the world. The first of those special spots is in the Amsterdam Schiphol airport where we had our first international date 6 years ago. I was headed back from Tanzania this weekend with a layover in Holland and Austin reminded me to check for the note he left me at our @Starbucks. I landed in a different terminal from where I needed to be and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get the note. I almost gave up and left.

But I found a way to transfer. I walked up to our spot and there was a note sticking out behind a chair. My heart started pounding because this had to be a new note not something he left on a past trip. It told me all the things he loved about me and then said If everything had gone as planned there would be a drink waiting for me at the bar. I stood up…rounded the corner and there was Austin with a bouquet of tulips and the most beautiful diamond ring. I kept saying “what are you doing here” probably 5 times or more.

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He said he loved me and then got down on one knee right there at the Starbucks in the airport and asked me to marry him. I said “YES” and everyone watching in the terminal cheered! I then looked over Austin’s shoulder and my little sister @anna_havens was standing there taking this photo with an SLR and Telephoto lens. He flew my sister to Holland! I was in complete shock and couldn’t be more thankful.

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We took a few moments to ourselves – praying and thanking the God and then walked out of the airport to all of my Dutch family standing outside of security with balloons and flowers singing and cheering. I mean whaaa!!!

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I was completely surprised and blown away. I could not have dreamt up a more perfect proposal to the man I love so dearly. I have never felt more joy! God is so faithful and I’m so thankful for the perfect plan He has always had for us and I can’t wait for the journey He has for us as husband and wife! Check out the Instagram story here.

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