Esther and Andy

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How We Met

A mutual friend (who we love forever) connected us so we could meet for coffee. We thought, “Sure, why not!” Then on a random Tuesday in March, coffee turned into dinner, and dinner turned into a drive to keep the conversation going a little bit longer.

Even though Esther couldn’t figure out what to do with her hands (and only ordered one taco much to Andy’s despair), we quickly formed a friendship that’s been deepening and sweetening ever since.

how they asked

Visiting Andy’s sister, Jeni, in Dallas back in October turned into a sweet and peaceful weekend they treasured and hoped to enjoy again. That “again” came in December when Esther and Andy flew to Dallas with his younger sister, a surprise for Jeni.

Little did Esther know Andy planned quite the surprise. On a lovely Saturday in December, Andy was “working on his sister’s car” while the girls enjoyed a day out together in Dallas. After Andy “fixed the car,” he picked up Esther and his sisters. His hands smudged with dirt were convincing (he wrote “I love Esther” on the car’s engine and rubbed the dirt in to complete the ruse).

After relaxing, the party of four casually headed over to Jeni’s cousins’ house for dinner. When they arrived, Jeni and Katie needed to “make phone calls,” so Andy and Esther walked up to the front door holding hands under the starlit sky. Andy confessed to Esther he had lied all day, and that he hadn’t actually worked on Jeni’s car. Esther was confused (after all he had dirty hands!).

Then Andy swept open the front door to a site of hundreds of rose petals, soft candle light and a crackling fire. Esther could see twinkle lights strung on the back patio, so once she remembered how to walk she followed the rose path. There she saw fifty pictures of their favorite memories. Each one clipped to the shimmering lights had a memory or note written on the back. After reading each one with a pounding heart and shaking hands, the last photo instructed her to press the button on a small remote. The walkway alongside the swimming pool magically lit up and they followed the path to the next photo, which said to press button number two. This time the giant oak tree lit up and filled the yard with a whimsical glow. Under the tree sat a love seat perfect for two.

Andy pulled out a photobook he made filled with pictures and their love story tenderly written out. Through tears, they read their story together. But the end of the story was really just the beginning. The last photo said to press button number three. This time Esther watched as the words “Marry Me” lit up across the yard. Andy knelt down and with sweet words asked Esther to marry him. She said “Yes!” and knew it was a moment she would always remember.

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