Esther and Abel

How We Met

About 4 years ago Abel started visiting my church and when I saw him I right away recognized him. We used to go to the same church many years before. When I went up to say hi to him he didn’t recognize me because I’m a couple of years younger than him but right away I thought he was cute but didn’t think too much about it. He continued going to church more consistently and we began to build a friendship. Soon we would talk every day and became the best of friends!

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Esther and Abel's Engagement in Carbon Canyon Regional park

It wasn’t until I had to take a trip to Mexico because my grandma had passed away that I realized what a big part he was in my life. We began to see that there was more than just friendship there and soon enough I knew he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We’ve been through so much in such a short period including losing my father to cancer in 2018. He stood by me and my mom through every moment and he has ever since. I knew he was the one person I could count on and the best friend I could ask for. Our families go back to knowing each other when I was a baby and it’s funny that our paths didn’t cross till now. God knew when I was going to need him the most!

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How They Asked

We had been planning on going to a park for a picnic for weeks and things kept coming up and the plans kept changing when the weekend finally came I told Abel I was too tired to go and I just wanted to hang out at home but he somehow convinced me to go along. He told me to take comfortable clothes than clothes to change in after to go to a movie. When we got to the park we had our lunch and we wanted to wait a while till the sun was almost set to go on a hike where there was a nice view of the sunset. When it was almost time he suggested we change into our nice clothes which I thought it was a little strange (since we were In hiking clothes)but I didn’t question him and changed anyway. As we started walking up the trail he started telling me stories about how he grew up coming to this park and how he had so many great memories here.

I didn’t know where we were going but he told me once we were getting to the end there was an area with many Redwood trees and he told me to walk in front so he could take pictures of me. We had been walking quite a bit and I was telling him how beautiful it was and that we should return with our photographer friends to take pictures, little did I know they were already there hiding behind the bushes. When I could see the trail was almost ending and I couldn’t see the view he mentioned for the sunset I asked him “do you even know where we’re going?” And that’s when he grabbed my hand and took me around where he had our friends and family set up the most beautiful proposal. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. He had my mom and a few of my family members, as well as his parents and siblings, come out from behind the trees to share that moment with us. It meant so much to see my family there and he took the time with every detail down to the ring I had fallen in love with months before. It felt like a dream!

Special Thanks

Jonathan & Chris Lopez
 | Photographer