Ester and Stephen


how they asked: [From the bride to be] The snow was pelting down on us and the wind was brutal. Even with umbrellas keeping the snow off was futile. When we entered the park there weren’t very many people there. The park was beautifully frosted with snow. He kneeled down and offered up the ring pop. It looked so good that I had to say yes! ;) I’ll admit I took a lick after he placed it on my finger.

I was thrilled when Stephen presented the gold band and diamond earrings. It’s not the conventional engagement jewelry, but it was exactly what I wanted.

By the end of it my perfectly styled hair was drenched and my hands were numb like ice- but it was perfect. I couldn’t stop smiling. I love a great surprise photoshoot.

[From the Groom-to-be]: I chose St. Catherine’s Park on the Upper East side because it represents a very difficult time in my life where Ester was with me every step of the way. I thought it would be the perfect place to propose and really reinforce the idea of being together through the good times and the bad times. The planning was pretty simple as I know Ester doesn’t like big surprises so the quiet location was perfect for us.

One thing that was unexpected was the snow. It was actually pretty sunny that afternoon but as soon as I went to pick up Ester, it started snowing a lot. The whole car ride to Manhattan I was worried about the falling snowflakes, finding parking, and convincing Ester to go to the park with me. Luckily we were able to find a garage pretty quickly. Ester was also a trooper and didn’t complain at all that I was dragging her to a park in the middle of a blizzard.

Thankfully everything turned out great and the snow actually made for a great photoshoot. We were absolutely freezing by the end but it was definitely worth it and a day that I will always remember and cherish.






Bride's Proposal in new york city




Photos by: Cynthia Chung Weddings