Estefi and Jose

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How We Met

I met Jose in Spain about 7 years ago. During that time, we dated for 3 years. Before we started dating, I always told him how my dream was to visit the Fontana di Trevi in Rome. So, we created our own “Fontana di Trevi” with a fountain that I had in my backyard. We used to throw coins into our fountain and make wishes. One day, I asked him what he wished for, and he said, “My wish is for you to be my girlfriend.” And of course, his wish came true when I said my first “Yes” to him.

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how they asked

A week before our trip to Vancouver, we got into a fight because he had missed my birthday while he was in Europe. Although I was mad, he did tell me he’d make it up to me in Vancouver. So I waited.. On the day of the proposal, he suggested we take a walk at a nice beach before going to dinner. When we arrived on the walkway, Jose pulled out a coin. He said to me, “I told you that day that I wanted you to be my girlfriend. Today, I have only one wish to make. And that is for you to be my wife.” I turned around to see the most beautiful set-up.

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Of course I said YES! He really surprised me – it was the best day of my LIFE!

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