Estefania and Eric

How We Met

Eric and I met through one of my friends and a friend that was like family to him at the time, the crazy thing is that they had known each other since birth, and I had been friends with that person for 7 years and I never ran into Eric before. But you know what they say, timing is everything. I remember Eric texted my friend and asked her “who’s your friend, she’s gorgeous”, to be honest I didn’t really see him in any other way than a friend. That is, until I began to get to know him. Little did I know that night would change my life forever. I remember him telling me from the moment he met me he was going to marry me and he knew how he was going to propose. I kind of brushed it off, because c’mon who knows exactly how they want to propose as soon as they meet someone?

how they asked

Well here we are almost 3 and a half years later and he proposed to me the way he wanted to since he met me. This was no easy task. His family and him built everything from SCRATCH. What you see in the pictures, the posts, the lights, all the wood, everything was built by his family and him. This was 3 months of planning, ordering things online, getting everyone together to make sure everything was perfect. You see, I had told him it was very important to me to have his family and my family there if he ever did propose, I also said I would love for it to be in December, AND that I needed to look nice.

Well, he checked everything off, his whole family was present and my side of the family lives in another country, well he had them all on FaceTime watching the whole thing. So he built these tables, each table represented a different point in our relationship, he stood in the back, reading from notecards, looking very nervous, and as I moved to each table his family followed behind me, but I had no idea. By the way, it was the 24th of December that this happened, how he pulled it off without me knowing and getting me all dressed up?

His mom said that we were taking family portraits and it was important we looked our best. Well, everyone knew, except me. It was so so special. I wore red, he wore all black with a red tie, the tie belonged to his grandfather who passed away. It was amazing to me to see him, his family and mine come together to put such a beautiful setup together.

Estefania's Proposal in Eric’s home

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Eric’s home

They all did so much for it to be perfect! I can’t even put into words how beautiful that night was, I felt like I was transported to a fairytale. It was so magical.

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