Esrie and Malik

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How We Met

Me and Malik met through a neutral friend of ours when we were just teenagers. Originally, we didn’t like each other. We both thought we were the complete opposites of the type of people we hung out with. But one day about 6 months after we met, we ended up hanging out again. We definitely ended up falling for each other after that day but didn’t act on it until nearly two years later when he officially asked to date him.

How They Asked

After almost a year of dating, I knew the question was coming. We were planning on a spring 2021 wedding so I knew Malik would have to ask in early 2020. However, right around the time, I expected him to ask, Covid-19 hit and because we were both living with high-risk people, we decided to both stay home and quarantine away from each other for a couple of months. I was so bummed because I knew this was going to affect our engagement but I brushed it off anyways.

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Finally, in May 2020, we were able to see each other again. The week of May 16, I had a feeling something was up. He had made plans for us to go to Malibu that Saturday since the beaches in California had just reopened, but then two days before he told me we should meet there instead of driving together as planned because he had to work that day. I said ok even though I knew something was up. My grandparents even offered to follow me and my family to the beach that day so they could go for a drive.

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When we got to the beach in Calabassas, my dad told us about this cool cove that he had once been to, so we walked over to it. Now because we had gotten there late, the cove was getting hit with waves, so I was reluctant to walk through it but eventually agreed. When I did, I saw Malik waiting in the cove and a photographer positioned on a rock taking pictures of us the entire time. The waves were splashing high onto us but it made for such a fun and special moment and made amazing pictures! Of course, I said yes and my Covid proposal was still perfect! Plus, we are still getting to plan our spring 2021 wedding!

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