Esprit and Emanuel


How We Met

I remember sitting in the hallway for high school class registration and seeing a super cute boy across from me, so of course, “dear God, please let us have a class together”, went through my mind silently. The next month I met this same boy in class and then we dated for a whole two weeks (oh, high school relationships). Fast-forward four years to college. We had stayed friends and he just started at the same university as me; we needed a last-minute guy to fill a spot on my intramural volleyball team, so naturally I wanted to ask the hot guy! Soon after, the sparks began again and I could not be happier that we got a second chance at love. Ten years after my silent prayer and I’m engaged to “the cute boy across the hall” and the absolute man of my dreams! It’s funny how God works in your life and how every little thing happens for a reason.

how they asked

Emanuel and I have a tradition of going on vacation during my birthday week every year so this year we chose California! We started in San Francisco and Napa Valley on our own and then flew down to meet my family in Los Angeles. On my birthday, we all drove down to San Diego and had lunch overlooking the ocean and then on to Coronado Island for a sunset cruise sail that I thought my family had planned for my birthday. Well, it turned out to be so much more! My sister and I had been taking pictures, of course, when the captain came up and offered to take some for us. From there he incorporated the family and then we started to get some “couple shots”.  Still clueless and posing for the camera, I looked over and saw the man of my dreams going to one knee.



I said “Yes!” to sailing into a life full of love and laughter that night.





Special Thanks

Sail Away San Diego, photographer