Esmina and Arnes

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How We Met

Arnes and I met back in April of 2011 between mutual friends at a concert. We started dating in November of 2011.

how they asked

On December 13, 2014, Arnes had planned a day for us in Chicago. He stated “Dress nicely, we’re going out to eat and do some shopping in Chicago”. So, I thought, “Okay, who doesn’t want to go to Chicago and go shopping”. I kind of knew something was up because he hates Chicago traffic but, I thought Hey maybe he really does just want to go eat and shop. The whole day in Chicago was just like any other day.. except he had stated that he bought us tickets to go up to the sky deck, which is something that I have been wanting to do for a while! It was around 9PM & we are getting ready to pass security to enter the sky deck and Arnes leaves my side and says “Oh shoot, I’ll be right back … I have to use the restroom”.. and I’m over here thinking “Seriously…. right now?! We’re about to pass the security check in”. Little did I know, he went to tell the security guards to turn off the sensors because he had the ring in his pocket. So, he comes back and we pass through security. On the way up, I told him, “Great, we’ll have to wait till a ledge clears just to get a picture” , & he turns around, smiles, and says “Nope, I got us our own private ledge”. I am freaking out right now because the ledge was literally blocked off just for us. I felt like a celebrity! We get on our ledge and we’re looking out, he said he booked the ledge for 30-45 mins. When you get up there, you really only need about 15 minutes. Well, he had hired a photographer there to take pictures as well, so we had a couple shots and I noticed that he was getting really nervous. About, 10 minutes into it, he drops down on one knee and asks me to marry him. We were surrounded by people congratulating us and by smiles. It was everything that I have wanted!!! We got engaged on 12-13-14 ;).

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