Esmeralda and Jose

How We Met

We met in high school and began dating during my senior year and his junior year. We started dating in 2009, as my senior year ended it was time for us to do the whole long distance relationship thing as I was going away to college. I began my freshman year at Marquette University in the fall of 2010 and although we were only 1 hour away, we did not see each other as often as we had hoped. Eventually, he also attended the same university in the fall 2011. Fast forward to 8 years later and a month after I graduated Graduate school my now fiancé proposed to me!

how they asked

It was our 8 year anniversary so we had planned a touristy day in the city (as we live in the suburbs). Even though we visit the city on a regular basis, doing the touristy things always makes our trips to Chicago better. We were taking a stroll through cloud gate, “The Bean”, I eventually had to stop and rest for a while as my flats were causing me to get blisters (lol!!!). We made our way to Buckingham Fountain (about a 10 minute walk from the bean) and on my way there I stopped a ‘paletero’ man; (the icecream man with his cart) to buy a popsicle from him. I clearly had no idea what was about to happen so I took my sweet time licking my popsicle. Eventually, while standing by the fountain we were able to find a good spot for pictures. I was in the middle of taking a picture and licking my popsicle when I heard him say, “well I brought you here because… okay I’m just going to say it- do you want to marry me”, I look over my shoulder and there he was kneeling down. I started to get emotional and crying as the feeling rushed through me- what I didn’t know was that he had told three of my best friends and had planned for them to be in attendance but hiding!! They took pictures and videos and it wasn’t until a couple minutes had passed that I was able to control my emotions and realized that my friends were behind me the whole time.

Esmeralda's Proposal in Chicago, IL