Esmeralda and Franky

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How We Met

Our families have actually been friends for years! I can remover going to his families birthday parties and such as a kid, but we actually didn’t formally meet in till we started working at Avis car rental because of mutral family friend. I knew I was about to work with the son of a family friends but I couldn’t remember who he was or looked like or anything! When I showed up for training the first thing I said was Hi I’m Esmeralda OMG did you know that my mom and your aunt have been working to get her for like 15 years now! His response “yes I know who you are our boss told me this morning, I know parents but I just don’t think I have ever meet you”. My response “Well your meeting know! And we get to be co-workers how fun!” as I’m definitely going googoly eyes over him!

how they asked

On November 10, 2017 I excitedly went to my favorite place in the entire world my CrossFit gym!!!! This day was particularly special because it was my two year anniversary at this gym. My CrossFit gym means the world to me it has changed my life beyond worlds could explain. Besides weight loss and leaving a healthier life style I found a new passion, career change, amazing new friends, and something to bond over with my amazing man. It’s funny because before I left to the gym I made post about why my gym so much and how it was my 2 year anniversary with them, when I got to the gym everyone was noramal a few of my friends had just finished class and said happy 2 year anniversary when the coach Lauren yelled 6pm CrossFit let’s go! She send us on a 400 meter warm up lap outside and so I took of with the class when I left on the run everything was normal (a loud busy CrossFit gym) my friend Charels was running with me and said let’s take this one slow it’s a warm up and I said okey sure everyone passed us and got back inside first the last 50 meters or so a friends run up to Charels and says hey if I had your phone how would I open it… Charels tells why do you have my phone he sprints away and Charels chases him leaving me all by my self to finish the run. I run back in to the gym to find a quite stoped gym with all eyes on me! All my friends lined up with cards and flowers! They all read me a card taking me down memory lane of all the best memories of Franky and I’s relationship after my friends out came my parents and siblings and then Franky! In his soft shaking voice he dropped down to one knee open a cute little treasure chest and asked if I would marry him!

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