Esmae and Matt

Proposal Ideas LA JOLLA, CA

How We Met

Matthew and I met at our local church, we both did a program called San Diego Leadership College. At first, we were just friends. I was working a lot and didn’t have much time to think about a relationship and to be honest never really thought about Matt that way. Then, I got a job at the church to help run the Children’s Ministry with the Kids Pastor. Matt was one of our best volunteers, so naturally, we worked together often. Then out of the blue, Matthew started trying to spend time with me. He would ask me to help him with his outfits, would offer to bring me coffee (the key to my heart), and would go to the gym with me and my friends. He was very persistent and definitely took initiative and worked hard to get my time and attention and I’m so glad he did.

how they asked

In late November, I got a phone call from a photographer friend asking me to come do a photoshoot at a location we’d shot before and really liked. I do photoshoot somewhat often, so this was nothing suspicious. She sent me inspiration photos for what she wanted me to wear (also not out of the ordinary) and set a date. Little did I know, Matt had reached out to my friend and organized the whole thing. He had seen some of the new items I had bought for Black Friday and sent the inspiration photos to my friend to send to me. On the day of the shoot, I invited one of my roommates to do my makeup and come to the shoot with me. We headed over to La Jolla to the Scripps Natural Reserve and started doing some test shots on the trail before heading down to the cliff that overlooks the ocean.

Esmae's Proposal in LA JOLLA, CA

Finally, we got to the cliff and in the middle of the shoot someone walked up behind me. I turned around and it was Matt! I freaked out because right as my brain clicked that it was Matt, a whole group of my friends and family walked over. He got down on one knee and proposed and I of course, said yes! It was so beautiful and so well planned on his end (which really impressed me). I’m so thankful for Matt and my amazing friends and family who came to support and celebrate with us.

Special Thanks