Erynn and Matthew

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Pumpkin Nights

How We Met

5 years ago when we met at a Young Life event. My best friend and I decided to go and I noticed a super cute boy there and wanted to keep going ever since. Little dates here and there and we started dating within a few months.

How They Asked

October is my favorite month and I love pumpkins. I found a place in Arlington called Pumpkin Nights and wanted to go immediately. Little did I know it was already a plan and I just so happened to find it myself. My best friend and I went to go get our nails done, I didn’t think anything of it. I got ready and drove to the event. Walking through the pumpkin patch one time, my boyfriend said he needed to use the “restroom” and then came back and we went a second time around the pumpkin patch.

Erynn's Proposal in Pumpkin Nights

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Pumpkin Nights

We started taking photos at the spot I liked most and little did I know there were two pumpkins behind me that said “will you marry me? Erynn” I turned around and saw the YNN and thought to myself what a weird…omg he got down on one knee and couldn’t stop smiling. I first noticed the little orange pumpkin ring box he got to hold the ring and then the ring. I started bawling my eyes out and before he could finish saying will you marry me I said yes! It was everything I ever would’ve wanted and more. He did an amazing job and I’m so grateful for my friends who helped him and him. True love never fails!! 10.12.2019.