Eryn and Elijah

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How We Met

We met 8 years ago at a sorority/fraternity mixer, I had a boyfriend at the time so we didn’t really speak much. Elijah tried to talk to me a few times in college but I regretfully blew him off a bit. In all honesty, we should not have even been in college at the same time, but timing is everything – no matter the cost.

He was pulled out of college at 21 to go to war, I was still in high school at the time clueless to the thought my future husband was fighting for his life. He was critically injured while fighting in Iraq – it’s a miracle he even survived that night. When he finally was stabilized, doctors told him he’d most likely lose his leg but if they were able to save it he’d never walk again – better yet, they told him he’d “never walk down the aisle on his wedding day.”

Fast forward a decade and he’s now completed many marathons, he became an elite Army Ranger and a Captain in the Army, received his Purple Heart, graduated college and in less than 5 months I’m blessed to say he will ‘walk’ down the aisle by my side on our wedding day.

His set back that night when he was 21 led to his college graduation being delayed, and ironically to us meeting – even if it would take us another 6 years for God to have our paths cross (again) and for us to start dating.

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Life is all about timing and timing has meant everything with us.

how they asked

In May we took a vacation to St. Augustine, Florida. We chose St. Augustine because it was almost the perfection combination of two of our favorite places; Savannah, GA and San Juan, PR. Shortly after a beautiful dinner at Collage in downtown St. Augustine on Saturday, May 2, Elijah suggested we go to Vilano beach for a nighttime walk. It was absolutely a dream – there was a full moon that lit up the entire beach, the light house was in our backdrop, no one was on the beach but us, and the weather was perfect. As we turned to head back to the pier Elijah stopped me and said some combination of “I love you” and “I want you to be my wife” – to be honest, my mind started spinning and I got lost in the moment of what was about to happen, I couldn’t tell you exactly what he said. All I remember is him bringing a ring out of his pocket and then my mind becomes a blur. It was right then that he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I think I said “yes” a million times… it was a proposal every girl dreams of.

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