Eryka and Matthew

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How We Met

Our “how we met” story will never be the thing that Nicholas Sparks novels are made of. There’s nothing fairytale-like about it. It wasn’t love at first sight or a tale of two star-crossed lovers. Matt and I met, in passing, one spring semester day on Augusta University’s campus. It was a brief introduction, and while I found the handsome, tattooed, specimen to be awfully dapper in his black button up shirt and jeans, nothing came of the brief meeting. Clearly, Matt was easy on the eyes, but the brief introduction was orchestrated by a buddy of his who had made his interest in me very clear. While the feeling was not mutual, I did not want to be rude and disregard his feelings by showing interest in Matt. Oh, and I may have forget to mention that I was dating someone else at the time. Spring semester, my relationship, and Matt’s friend’s interest in me carried on. Come Summertime I was ready for a break from it all. One summer day, while hanging out with my little sister post-argument with my boyfriend at the time, I posted the tweet that started it all, “Bucket List: Date a White Guy.” The bait was dropped and just a few minutes later, Matt was engaging in a Twitter conversation that eventually led to him sliding in my DM’s. A couple of tweets, DM’s, exchange of numbers, long phone conversations, a break-up, and a long explanation to a friend later, Matt and I were spending most of our days together. To be fair, I warned you that there was nothing Noah and Allie like about how we met. Yet, we believe it’s not about how you meet, it’s about the Notebook-type love that grows once you’re together.

how they asked

There’s a reason they call it, “the happiest place on earth” and after our perfect proposal I have one more reason to believe it.

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I have been to Disneyland more times than I can count. To say I’m a Disney fan is an understatement. I have more of an obsession. So much so, that Matt and I got matching Disney tattoos for our first anniversary as a couple. A Disneyland proposal was my dream and Matt is my dream guy. He proposed in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle one March evening during the Disneyland diamond celebration. The castle is always a beacon of dreams, but it was extra special during the diamond celebration as it glistened with diamond medallions that lit up in the night. Matt dropped to one knee and asked me to be his best friend for life right before the final fireworks show and parade in front of some of my closest friends and family. I was so blinded by my bling that I ended up missing most of the show. We will be married exactly two years from his proposal date.

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