Erin and Taylor

How They Asked

We had just flown home for Christmas from Vancouver to visit our family. Since we were flying I didn’t wrap gifts beforehand. I was kept busy in the basement wrapping gifts for the Christmas gift exchange that evening when Taylor conveniently had to go to the “bathroom” and then wrap my gift where I couldn’t see.

I was starting to get annoyed that he wasn’t helping with the wrapping of our joint gifts.

Next thing I know my sister called me up to come see “Leo” the stray cat they had had coming to the house for a month or so that I hadn’t met yet.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Coe Hill, Ontario, Canada

After a few steps out the door following my sister she turned back and says to me, “I think you should actually go over there instead.”

As I look to where she points I saw my now fiancée at the end of a candlelit pathway under a mistletoe and surrounded by lanterns and Christmas decorations. I knew instantly upon seeing him that it was happening!!!

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