Erin and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met the first night of college when he invited me to a party at his teammates house. You can say we hit it off because before I knew it Ryan and I were always together & even began enjoying the not-so-delicious cafe coffee just to see each other. Now 7 years later we will start forever together!

how they asked

Each year my family vacations in LBI, NJ, a place close to our hearts. Naturally I began to share this special place with Ryan & he fell in love too. He thought, someday this will be the perfect place to propose. So, he spent 2016 planning this amazing moment. August 13, 2016 was the first day of vacation. I left early with my sisters for beach and Ryan “went golfing with his Dad.” When I went to pick up the keys for the house later that day, the secretary seemed to have misplaced them. Soon she smiled and said “Oh Its you!” & proceeded to hand me a vase of amazing sunflowers with a collage of baby pictures and pictures of Ryan and I from freshman year.

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Along with this was a note, “year 1” and inside was a summary of our first year together with lyrics to a verse of our love song. I was shocked, and soon even more surprised to see a white dress and sunflowers at the front door of the house with a note, it said year 2 and was a perfect description of our 2nd year together with the next verse. I was told to wear the dress and my sister would drive me to our next location.

Erin's Proposal in Long Beach Island NJ

As we drove along the boulevard toward the beach, I collected more notes, dozens of fresh sunflowers, and countless pictures from our years together. Approaching the beach I finally collected the last note. This one said “future years” and was almost blank. It said I should walk into the beach where we would “start the next journey and future years together”.

Proposal Ideas Long Beach Island NJ

Ryan was waiting at the bottom of the beach ready to get down on one knee, with family and friends ready to greet us after (along with the entire beach clapping and cheering). Now we’re planning a 2017 wedding in what better place, LBI.

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