Erin and Nico

How We Met

Nico and I met each other on June 12, 2014, at one of my friends 21st birthday parties in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We both attended the University of Ottawa, however it was summer and we both were not studying at that time. After moving my life back to my hometown of Barrie, Ontario with the intention of living home with my parents for the summer until the fall semester started, I received a call for a summer job that I had landed a job in my field in the federal government, so after only spending about 3 weeks back home, it was time to recalculate and go chase my dreams in Ottawa. My first summer night back in Ottawa during the summer of 2014 was the night I met Nico. I still remember the exact moment I first saw him.

I often find myself wishing I could go back to that exact moment, because I remember every intricate detail from what he wore, where I was standing, how he moved, to how he looked at me that first time when he walked through my friends apartment door with a bottle of barefoot white wine for her. He still looks at me the way he did when I first saw him. That night, we went to a comedy show. I still remember cracking a joke, thinking I was funny and you were the only one in the crowded room that laughed at me. You still always support me, even when I’m wrong. What I valued most from that night was the conversation. I had never found someone more easy to talk to, someone so interested and someone so selfless than I did when we had our first conversations on that long walk to little Italy for the comedy show. I felt like I had known you my whole life in that moment. I knew after that summer night in June 2014 you are something special and that fate had put me back in Ottawa with you for a reason that day.

How They Asked

Nico had planned a 4 year anniversary for us. We usually get eachother gifts but we decided we would appreciate more travel together, one of our favorite things to do together. New York seemed like the best location to celebrate our anniversary because it was Christmas time and there are so many amazing romantic things to do in New York during December. Next thing we know we are flying to New York on December 1st. He had a surprise night planned out for us during our vacation but refused to share the details with me. He told me “first we will enjoy some champagne with a beautiful view, and after I will take you for a special dinner.” Mildly frustrated that he wouldn’t spill the details, I went along with it. I’m usually one to sleuth enough to find out and ruin surprises, but this time he really stumped me.

He helped me pick an outfit appropriate for this event, and off we went. Our driver dropped us outside of a beautiful hotel in lower Manhattan. I got out and followed him up the elevator. Next thing I know we are standing in front of a sign that read “Terrace Closed for Private Event”, I hesitated at first in confusion but followed him past the sign. I saw candles covered across a gorgeous terrace and the rest is history.

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My best friend asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Easiest yes I ever said. I am so thankful that Nico knew me enough to hire a professional proposal planner and photographer to capture every detail of that moment and the time we spent celebrating with champagne. I will always be able to look back on these photos and remember this precious moment in our lives.

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Special Thanks

Vlad Leto
 | Photographer
Tatiana Caicedo
 | Planning