Erin and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met working as medical scribes in the emergency department at our hometown hospital. After a fateful night at an unforgettable (or, for me, very forgettable) department-wide Christmas party, a relationship was born. I was in denial for a few months, but Michael eventually convinced me to hang out with him (sober this time) after he returned from a service trip in Nicaragua. He promised me gruesome pictures from orthopedic surgeries, and, well, what can I say? I’m into that.

We met up for dinner, I beat him at Buck Hunter, and we’ve been inseparable since. Michael and I have shared some of the most wonderful and most challenging periods in each others’ lives and, as a result, have grown both in love for one another and as individuals. We can’t wait to get married and see what the futures holds for us. And although nothing is certain, we are sure that we will continue eating good food, traveling the world, and loving one another.

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how they asked

On Christmas Day, we went for kayak ride in the mangroves of Islamorada. I had been excited about being active and outdoors with Michael (literally my favorite thing ever) so I made sure to eat a big breakfast, put on plenty of sunscreen, and wore my most comfortable (but cute) bathing suit. Within 5 minutes of departing from the dock, I had a significant wardrobe malfunction. My (very cute!) bathing suit had come undone, and me being a spaz, had pulled the entire string out! I was freaking out as I flashed families left and right, gesticulating wildly for Michael to help me cover up and thread the string back through the holes. It seemed impossible, but he was eventually able to macgyver the strings back together in a serviceable fashion.

Moments after we successfully put my suit back together, reveling in the calm, we saw 5 pelicans sitting in a tree. We marveled at how close and how beautiful they were, as our kayak drifted closer to them on the calm water. Then, out of nowhere, Michael said, “I love going on adventures with you. Will you go on adventures with me the rest of our lives?” I smiled to myself and said, “Of course,” simply thinking it was a sweet comment. But then, Michael said, “Turn around… Will you marry me?” I turned, and saw the most beautiful ring, glittering and shining as I then proceeded to cry hysterically. My tear were both out of sheer joy and the sunscreen, which was now burning my eyes ferociously. “Of course,” I said again, wiping my eyes. “Yes.” With the pelicans as our witness, we got engaged then and there in the mangroves. It was the perfect day.

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Special Thanks

Kate Ignatowski
 | Photography