Erin and Kyle

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Kentucky

How They Asked

December 27th, 2018 was the prospective day but the forecast wasn’t looking good. It was supposed to be really rainy and Kyle had planned an outdoor proposal. In my hometown, my uncle is somewhat of a “celebrity” because everyone in town knows where “the house with all the lights” is. Every year for the past 20+ years, my family has decorated my aunt and uncle’s house for Christmas and it has become somewhat of an icon. We always have Christmas Day dinner there and take pictures in the yard while enjoying the passersby. With the rain coming on December 27th, Kyle decided to edit his plans and propose on Christmas 2018. We headed to my dad’s house that evening but little did I know that my stepmom had helped Kyle create a plan to keep the proposal a secret from me. She writes for the Owensboro Times, a local online news source that demands daily stories and photographs. My stepmom told me she had to get a Christmas lights story up on the site, so we needed to drive around town and get shots of several local parks and, of course, my uncle’s house. I thought nothing of it because this is completely normal to me. Kyle and I had just left his house earlier, but it hadn’t been dark enough then to take our annual picture outside underneath all the lights. There’s a wooden walkway that leads to a perfect photo spot my uncle rebuilds every year, complete with a fireplace and stockings. So we went to pose in our traditional spot when Kyle reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out a ring box, and got down on one knee to ask the magic words. I said “yes!” The next thing I knew, my sister popped out of a bush where she was hiding with her camera. I was then swarmed by my family members (ranging from my mom to my cousins to my grandma), who had been inside the house watching the proposal from the window. It was a very merry Christmas to remember!