Erin and David

Erin's Proposal in On the back steps of my parents cabin

How We Met

We rewind to the summer of 2002, in Windermere, BC. We were both just 12 years old spending the summer at my families cabin and David was staying with his Aunt’s. Typical pre-teens hanging out at the public beach and a couple of my friends were interested in David’s older brother so I promptly pushed David in to get his brothers attention. Little did I know, this would be the start of our journey. We quickly became best friends and were summer flings from 2002-2006. He was my first kiss! We drifted apart in high school until he moved to Edmonton in 2012 for work and he tracked me down (I was 3 hours south of Edmonton in Calgary). We went bowling for our first date and the rest is history! My family still has the cabin in Windermere that we visit often. This place holds our hearts as this is where we adopted our dog, created our son, where David proposed and where we will get married in October 2019.

Proposal Ideas On the back steps of my parents cabin

how they asked

After a day with family at my parents’ cabin, he took me to the back steps of the property that was glowing with solar lights, got down on one knee and asked to keep me forever. We celebrated with my family right afterward. It was perfect.