Erin and Zack

How We Met

Two years ago I applied to work at a Fitness Studio as my first “big girl” job right out of college. I walked into the interview and tried to deny the fact that the hiring manager was a BABE. I kept telling myself “you cannot fall in love with your boss” which is a big no-no. Especially straight out of college, I wanted to focus on my career and grow with a company. Even during the interview we just clicked so well. I was hired shortly after the interview date. I started working for him and tried to hide the fact that I kept falling for this guy. We worked together, but we also realized we worked SO WELL together.

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He could make me laugh like no one else, he would instantly recognize my movie quotes and loved the Office just as much as I did. After a few months of working together and completely denying the fact that either of us had a crush on the other one he was offered a position to teach and coach. (HIS DREAM JOB). He left the studio and we went on our first date. Buffalo Wild Wings, romantic right?! But it was the best date EVER. I knew at that moment I could see myself laughing at his jokes forever. One of the biggest factors of our relationship was we started going to a church together, Valley Rise Church, in Tomball, TX.

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The church’s launch date was just two days after we starting dating. We both have always been believers but I have never felt a close relationship with God. Throughout this time I realized that I first needed to grow my relationship with Christ before I could ever have a relationship with a man. I talked to Zack about this and he was so supportive. We practiced our faith TOGETHER, but we both always put our relationships with Christ FIRST. We learned that we can love each other because He had loved us first. Having a Godly relationship and being fulfilled first by God’s loved is indescribable. If I could give anyone one piece of advice who is looking for someone to spend their life with is seek God first and he will always fulfill his promises. They are never short of his grace and always at the most perfect time. I thank God every day for this man and that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

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How They Asked

So our engagement… I got to a point where I thought anywhere we went since July he was going to propose. I knew we were both ready for that next step and it was going to happen soon I just didn’t know when. Anytime we went out I thought to myself, “this is it!” It didn’t matter if it was a restaurant or the grocery store I would tell myself, “Aisle 7 it could totally happen”. LOL, I know. However, this night I honestly HAD NO IDEA. He told me that he wanted to take me out for the day to celebrate my getting into nursing school. So we went to a winery during the day and then he wanted to take me out to dinner at night. I didn’t think anything of it because this was pretty normal for us. All my friends and family I had talked to had plans that weekend and were out and about doing things, so I thought well this isn’t going tonight. I was just enjoying the day and night getting to be with Zack. We went to dinner at Escalante’s in Hughes Landing and then he said let’s go for a walk and see if there’s live music playing at the pavilion.

Erin and Zack's Engagement in Hughes Landing

I said, “Sure! That sounds fun”. We started walking down by the river and once we got to the pavilion we saw that no one was playing. He took me over by this tree and said, “I’m sorry there wasn’t any live music tonight. I am also sorry I’ve made you wait so long for an engagement…” I thought this was just a hang in there it’s gonna happen conversation and you can tell in the videos I’m standing there like, “it’s finneeeeeee, when it happens it happens”. Then he says, “well you don’t have to wait any longer”, he gets down on one knee and I honestly black out this moment.

I can’t tell you exactly what he said or what I said, all I remember is the feeling of PURE HAPPINESS. I started to tear up because I have been praying for this moment for so long from a man like him. He put the ring on my finger, he stood up, we kissed, and I hear screaming and cheers. I think “wow those are really nice strangers”. I turn to look and at first, I see my best friend and her red hair, then I look around and I see ALL OF OUR PEOPLE. He had invited 20+ of our closest friends and family to witness the whole thing. This is where I BAWL like a baby. It was such a special moment in general but for all of our people to be there to live it with us was even better. This was the absolute BEST. DAY. EVER.

Special Thanks

Margo Ryan
 | Photographer