Erin and Zach

How We Met

I was a majorette at troy university and it was my senior year. We have majorette bigs/littles each year and my little from the previous year moved away. It was time to choose a new one. I bonded with Anna-Marie, his sister, quickly and chose her to be my little. We often joked during practices about how awesome it would be if I married her brother. Fast-forward to the first home game. I saw him for the first time in the stadium and I remember thinking, “there is no way he would be interested in me.” The next weekend Anna-Marie invited me to go eat dinner with her, her parents, and…you guessed it…zach!!! (We have talked everyday since then) A few weeks later we had a date to get a new battery for my car and we had coffee together after. As we left that coffee shop, I knew without a doubt that he was the man I was going to marry! He was/is everything I have specifically prayed for that God would bless me with. Every single thing about him is everything and more that I have always wanted in a spouse and life partner. Even his family!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Enterprise, Al

Erin's Proposal in Enterprise, Al

how they asked

Have you ever heard of a man so eager to propose that he makes it happen 2 days after picking the ring up? That happened to me and it was the sweetest, most perfect night of my life! Zach had been planning an extravagant proposal for months. However, after he held the ring in his hands, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer to make it official. Our families planned to go to the Fort Rucker fireworks show that Friday night. Zach quickly formed a new plan to propose to me during the fireworks show that evening. We would have beautiful photos captured by our parents.

About an hour before the show, a thunderstorm struck and the show was cancelled!! My man was SO disappointed. Our family decided to eat dinner together in Enterprise, Al. His sister casually mentioned that we should go check out downtown after eating. We did.

And right when we reached a beautiful, lit up fountain, he pulled me in. He told me he didn’t want to spend his life without me by his side. He dropped to one knee. He asked me to become his wife. I said yes and it was the greatest night of our lives! It wasn’t what he planned but it was absolutely perfect. He managed to make me feel so cherished, beautiful, treasured, and loved beyond measure!

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