Erin and Zach

How We Met

Zach and I went to the same high school in Denver, CO but because our class was 950 people we didn’t actually meet until after college. We had similar friend groups and connected through them!

how they asked

A complete surprise!! Zach and I were attending Zach’s sister, Maggie and her husband Drew’s wedding over the 4th of July in Vail, Colorado. The whole proposal was planned by the bride and groom with a Zach. Maggie handed the bouquet to me and as a surprise to everyone at the wedding, Zach swooped in a proposed on the spot! It was absolutely amazing and a complete surprise (as you can see on my face, I was stunned!) We are so thankful for Maggie and Drew for the idea to propose at their wedding!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Piney River Ranch, Vail, CO

Erin and Zach's Engagement in Piney River Ranch, Vail, CO

Our Video

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