Erin and Ty

Where to Propose in City Pier, Panama City Beach, FL

How We Met

As I reached for the last bottle of Beano on the shelf, he did too. Our hands met and fireworks sparked. Suddenly my world was shiny, happy, colorful and I knew from that point on there could Beano me without him.

Okay, that’s not true. Fibbing about a grocery store meet-cute is a running joke amongst online daters, embarrassed they couldn’t find love the “natural” way. But I love our story so here’s the real low down:

After some encouragement from some work friends, I decided to get on Bumble just to “take a look and maybe flirt a little.” A few days and maybe a few weirdos in, I swiped right on Ty and we matched! Feeling a little timid, I didn’t say hello until my twenty-four hours were almost up (on Bumble the guy can’t message first. Yay feminism!) He replied almost immediately. Chatting with him came so easy and we were having so much fun! I’m not one to be attached to my phone, but I kind of was during that time. After about a week we decided to hang out in person. We met up for pizza and found a booth out of the way. I’m sure we ordered a pizza but I can’t remember eating any of it. We were instantly lost in conversation. I remember searching the walls at some point for a clock thinking about how bad the waitress must hate us for staying so long. Instead, she shot me a grin and winked as if to tell me to quit worrying and enjoy our first date. Bless her for confirming what I was thinking. This was special.

After dinner, Ty walked me to my car and said goodnight. I couldn’t stop smiling on my drive home. I was smitten already. When I got back, I opened my phone to a text that said: “I should have held your hand and kissed you.” Butterflies hit my stomach hard and I knew my “just for fun” online dating had quickly ended and we were about to embark on our adventure together.

Erin's Proposal in City Pier, Panama City Beach, FL

how they asked

A few months into dating, we were out eating pizza (again) and joking about how cheesy it is when guys put rings in food for a proposal. Ty joked that one day he was going to use stuffed crust pizza to propose for extra cheesiness and we laughed so hard people stared.

Fast forward two years, and we still love talking about cheesy proposals and joking about the stuffed crust. On a trip to Texas in May, we got a really cute photo at a popular tourist spot with our pups! I guess our friends and family really liked it because as we were heading to our next stop I got multiple texts asking if I had gotten any new “bling” while we were there. It made our list of cheesy proposals immediately! Ty found it so funny that the rest of the trip he’d locate the most beautiful spot at wherever we were and announce “Oh babe, this place is just so magical!” Then he would kneel down on one knee and pause, only to tie his shoe or pick something up off the ground or just stare at me and chuckle. People would stop to watch every time and then walk away giggling at his little antics. It was really funny, and only slightly embarrassing.

A few weeks later, we headed to Florida to get me settled for a new travel nurse position. We had a delightfully low key Fourth of July at the beach together talking about the fireworks and hunting for shells. When it came time for dinner, I wanted seafood but Ty insisted on having pizza. Unable to sway me, Ty compromised and we had separate takeout meals. When it started to get dark, Ty rushed me out of the hotel to the City Pier. He was more hurried than usual but I thought he was just excited about fireworks. We looked for the perfect spot and when we finally found it he seemed to calm down a little as the first firework lit up the sky.

Right as the finale started, I heard people saying “aww” from somewhere behind me. When I looked over, I saw Ty down on one knee. My immediate reaction was “STOP” and I motioned frantically for him to stand up. I just knew this was another fake out and this place was way more packed than any place he’d done this before. But then I saw the ring and heard him saying “Will you marry me?” and I froze. I think I said yes? He swears I did. He held me for a minute and then I cried the whole way back to the car because I felt so bad for my initial embarrassment. When we got to the car he got back down on one knee and did the whole proposal over again. I said yes for sure at that time!

Later that night, we got out leftover pizza out to snack on and I realized he had ordered stuffed crust!

Special Thanks

Bethany Reasoner
 | Photographer