Erin and Troy

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How We Met

Troy and I had our first date at a Mexican restaurant about two years ago. After hours of laughing and realizing that we had a great connection, we made plans to meet up a few days later. As luck would have it, my appendix ruptured the very next day and since I was hospitalized, I was unable to make it to our second date. Troy’s friends thought I was not interested in him and teased him that I was just lying to avoid seeing him again. That definitely was not the case, and after we were able to reconnect by phone, we planned to hang out later that week. Troy, being the incredible man that he is, planned a picnic in the park complete with tons of blankets and pillows so I could be comfortable sitting up after my surgery. There has been no shortage of laughter and great times since that first date, and our initial impressions proved correct since we are now planning our wedding and lives together!

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how they asked

Troy and I were asked to participate in what we thought was an internet game show in August of 2015. We went to the studio expecting to win $10 to $2,500 and have a little fun on a Sunday afternoon. Shortly after arriving, Troy and I were split up and he was let in on the secret that we were actually playing for up to $250,000 and he would be picking the categories that I would then have to answer. Meanwhile, I was in a smaller room on the other side of the studio with absolutely no idea of what was at stake. After playing the “internet” game show and winning what I thought was $500, the walls in front of me flew open and I was staring at an audience of over 100 people with Troy standing on a platform in the center of the group; comedian Iliza Shlesinger by his side. Stunned, I slowly made my way to the stage. Iliza then proceeded to tell me that I was not on an internet game show and was actually on TBS, playing for 100 times the amount of money I thought I was.

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After processing the situation and barely getting over the shock of the news, Iliza stated, “Troy has been helping you with your questions all day. Now I think he has a question for you.” I turned to look at Troy, who was down on one knee holding a beautiful ring. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, the man of my dreams was proposing to me on national television.

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I later learned that the producers had spoken with Troy weeks earlier and had set things into motion for him to propose on the show. It was such an incredible moment and we love that we are able to watch it whenever we want to re-live that day.

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