Erin and Topher

Erin's Proposal in E Ticket Club at Disneyland Hotel

How We Met

We met for our first date on February 21, 2019. Topher texted me to say he made reservations at this adorable restaurant called Piccino in San Francisco. Food is important to me, so this pick was important. The aesthetic was open and fresh when I arrived at the corner of this bright yellow restaurant. I got out of my Uber and tried the first door I saw. Of course, it didn’t work. I tried three more doors before I finally arrived at the right one. Little did I know, Topher had arrived only seconds after me, and he watched as I went from door to door. When he finally caught up to me and yelled “Erin!” I was so embarrassed. Later, Topher would tell this story to our friends, saying “When she tried that third door, laughing at herself with confidence, I knew this girl was IT.”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in E Ticket Club at Disneyland Hotel

Topher and I had no awkward silences that night. We sat at a corner table, able to talk and laugh for the rest of the night. We shared an incredible salmon dish and lamb gnocchi that we ordered accidentally. There were zero regrets.

After dinner, he put me in an Uber home. Hoping and praying I would see him again, Topher texted me to tell me he’d love a second date. Little did he know, that I was hoping and praying I would see him again as well.

How They Asked

Topher kidnapped me Friday night. He said, “pack a bag, bring comfortable shoes and something for a nice evening.” His demeanor was spontaneous.

We drove to Anaheim. Saturday morning we pulled into the Disneyland Hotel. I have always wanted to stay here, and he knew that.

Saturday we spent the day at Disneyland – we rode all our favorites and ate all the churros. It was honestly a perfect day.

He said our hotel room gave us access to watching the fireworks from a sky room with snacks and bottomless champagne. After walking around all day, sitting in a sky room away from the crowd, next to my love, and supplied with snacks and free champagne sounded perfect.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in E Ticket Club at Disneyland Hotel

Eleven floors up, we found a little table next to the glass wall overlooking Disneyland. We waited for the lights to dim and the fireworks to start. The whole time, I was thinking about how absolutely grateful I was for this man.

Once the finale hit and the music slowed, mi Amor asked me to marry him. ? I said yes – unbeknownst to me, our parents were hidden and witnessing.

We celebrated with an adorable Mickey cake, plenty of tears, and many cheers to all that is yet to come.

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