Erin and Tony

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

How We Met

I was working in the music industry in San Francisco. I was working and stopped by a show to visit a friend working with a band that was playing that night. That night, the band and crew realized someone had forgotten for the show. Every night, at the end of the band’s show, they have confetti cannons that blast confetti & streamers into the crowd. What seemed like a stressful moment actually turned into one of my favorite memories. I ended up staying and helping my friend, the band & their crew cut up tissue paper by hand to use in the confetti canons. It’s pretty funny looking back because had they remembered to order confetti, I probably wouldn’t have stayed. And we wouldn’t get to the second part of our meet-cute.

Where to Propose in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

A month later, the band was back in San Francisco and I stopped by to say hi. I walked a few of them (including my future love) to the mall, took some people to Pier 39 and watched the show. We didn’t talk a lot, which made it even more surprising when I got a text message a few days later…

Proposal Ideas Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I got a random text from my friend. My future fiance (Tony) and I were basically set up to go on a vacation to Mexico together. Our mutual friend and a large group were planning a vacation to Cabo. Tony didn’t have a date, so our friend (being the masterful matchmaker that he is), suggested Tony start talking to me because he thought we might get along.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

After a month of constant texting, we finally had our first real date. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and I’ll never forget how happy I was that he wanted to order a bunch of appetizers – because who doesn’t love nachos and corn dogs? Then we went to a movie (This Is the End). I will never forget this moment…Tony asked me if I wanted any candy or a drink. I said sure but didn’t specify what I wanted. A few minutes later, Tony walked in with EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF DESSERT, popcorn, and drinks. I’m talking cake, candy, cider, water. At that moment, I knew he was a keeper. Not because he bought me a bunch of stuff, but because he’s the most thoughtful, considerate and kind person I’ve ever met.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

A few weeks later, I decided to go to Mexico and the rest is history! 6 years ago in July, I flew to Cabo & made the best decision of my life! Since then, we spend every July celebrating in Mexico! On July 8th, Tony & I flew to Cabo for the best trip yet…

How They Asked

A couple of months ago, I started planning our annual Mexico trip.

Our flight to Cabo was at 7 AM. No joke, way too early. But I wanted to get to the resort early so we could enjoy a full day. I’ll be honest I was tired. We got to the airport and went straight to the lounge. If you were following my stories, you might remember my “vodka soup” Instagram story. Yes, I was drinking at 6 am. I hate flying. And Bloody Mary’s are basically like soup, with a little vodka We landed in Cabo and went straight to the hotel.

Once we got to the hotel, they gave us an amazing welcome drink: they poured the champagne and let us choose fruit-flavored caviar to put in. It sounds weird I know, but it was actually really good, it tasted kind of like boba. Our room wasn’t ready, so they asked if we wanted to have lunch or take a tour of the hotel. Tony intervened and said he wanted the tour. Looking back, I should have known – Tony never wants to go on tours of hotels.

After we got our room, we got ready to go down to the pool. We walked downstairs and went down to the beach. We walked for a bit and before I knew it, he was down on one knee and proposed!

We spent the rest of the week toasting tequila, talking & enjoying the best vacation we’ve ever been on. I cried a lot – and by a lot I mean I literally cried off and on for hours for 3 days. Happy tears, excited tears, love tears… all the tears.

I’ve literally never, ever been more emotional, happy and surprised in my life. It was literally the perfect proposal – back on the beach in the town that is so symbolic for our relationship. No one else was there, just us. Which made it even more special.

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