Erin and Tom

How We Met

We met at Millersville University where we ran track (sprints) together. He lived down the hall from me and roomed with one of my friends from high school so we pretty much hung out all the time. We became best friends quickly from eating, running and going out with friends together. Tom always liked me but unfortunately I had an on and off again boyfriend and he was always hanging out with other girls. Eventually, our sophmore year of college he asked me out by saying something like, “it’s like we’re already dating come on.” and I finally said yes! (And I’ve never been happier)

Image 1 of Erin and Tom

how they asked

July 2015 Tom and I went on our first real vacation together and took a cruise to the Bahamas! On Thursday July 23rd Tom proposed to me in Nassau, Bahamas, at the Hilton Colonial Hotel beachfront. We were sitting overlooking the gorgeous ocean and cruise ships when Tom began looking around in his bag. He looked frustrated so I asked, “What are you looking for?” he replied, “nothing.”. He continued to rummage through his bag so I told him I had a dream the previous night (which was true) that he proposed to me in The Bahamas (I must have a 6th sense). Now the awkward part comes…

Image 2 of Erin and Tom

Tom takes something out of his bag and says, “Did it go something like this?” I began muttering “no not like this Tom, no, no, no.” (because I did not want to ruin his plans to propose to me). He then opens the ring case, gets on one knee and asks me to marry him! I reply, “Of course!” and everyone on the beach clapped after Tom said, “She said yes!”

Image 3 of Erin and Tom
Even though I feel as though I ruined Tom’s proposal plans, he was relieved the waiting was over and we spent the rest of the afternoon giddy and overjoyed! I couldn’t ask for a better proposal, location, or man to have this moment with. I look forward to my future with him and hope to one day go back to Nassau to relieve where it all happened