Erin and Tim

How We Met

Tim and I met off a dating app. I never would’ve thought I would meet my person on a dating app. We decided to meet in person at a restaurant. Tim and I ended up talking for HOURS! We just clicked. After talking for hours we ended up leaving because he had other plans. When I got home, we were texting and I ended up crashing his plans. Little did I know, he was with his family! So I met his whole family the same day I met him. Crazy right?

Erin and Tim's Engagement in Disney

How They Asked

Tim and I both LOVE Disney! We are annual pass-holders. On our first trip to Disney together I told him that I always wanted a Disney proposal. He then told me that when we do get engaged it wouldn’t happen at Disney. Little did I know almost a year later we would be getting engaged at Disney. We got engaged in front of our favorite ride, The Haunted Mansion. The original plan was to ride the ride and when we got off the ride, he was going to propose in front of the mansion. But unfortunately, the ride was closed all week!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disney

But there’s this thing called Disney Magic and it really does exist… So, our family got to Disney before we did. They explained that he was going to propose in front of The Haunted Mansion but now he can’t because of the ride closure. So some really amazing cast members made a plan to help Tim out with the proposal. They took us on a ‘murder mystery tour’ and after we took pictures in front of the mansion.

Proposal Ideas Disney

While we were taking pictures, my whole family came around the corner and surprised me! When I turned around Tim was down on one knee! It was the best day ever, I got my Disney proposal I always wanted!